Unique Garden Fence Ideas to Make Your Garden Standout

Our privacy is important to us. It is essential that we have our own space. That is where having a garden fence comes in. Garden fences serve a lot of purposes, including preventing theft and also preventing our domestic animals from destroying our gardens. In this article is a compiled list of beautiful and creative garden fence ideas, that provide security and beautify your yard.

 No-dig fences:

This type of fencing cost way less and can be installed in hours; also just as the name implies no-dig wall you don’t have to dig or pour concrete.

 Frameless Glass:

Frameless glass is usually the best option for the poolside, this design provides a year-round style but at the same time while considering this type of fence you need to consider the safety of your family, ensuring that your whole family can enjoy the garden especially the kids.

 Artistic Fence:

Artistic type of garden fence that is not common. Possibly to build your fence to your satisfaction by customizing your design. Original fence design will help beautify your garden with gorgeous enclosures that catch the eye. Let out the artist in you.

 DIY Fence:

For a unique and outstanding garden fence, build one yourself and put your style into it. You can buy all the materials needed from a hardware store. You can use materials such as timber, screws and nails, paint, or Polish. Completely design the size if you are a handy-person, you should be able to build your fence without any problem.

 Gabion wall:

Gabion meaning cage is a cage or box filled with rocks, concrete, or sometimes sand used in civil engineering. This particular fencing can last a lifetime. It is beautiful. Such type of fencing is said to have roots in military and even back in the old days, you might want to get people to build this for you, the labor is the only hard thing about this.

 DIY Horizontal Slat Fence:

You can create this yourself, but if you want, you can get help. If you are building yourself, let’s get started:

1. Measure the length of where you are installing your fence.
2. Decide the height of your fence, after that work out order and pattern you would like your slats.
3. Dig holes.
4. Paint all Timber
5. Put in the first timber, and throw in a handful of concrete to make it firm you need to make sure it is firm and straight.
6. Install all the remaining posts, don’t forget to make sure they are firm.
7. Install fence panels, slat by slat, until the last one.
8. Stand back and admire your new fence.

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