The Best DIY Garden Stones Ideas

Everybody loves their garden, as a matter of fact, most people prefer to sit halfway all through the night doing nothing but just inhaling the clear and fresh air while clearing their heads. How beautiful would that be in the garden where you have the opportunity in healthier air (oxygen for the plants) and breath out carbon (IV) oxide (for your plants)?

Sometimes, we may just want to walk through our garden, inhaling the refreshing aromas of the flowers and herbs, and you will want to do these without stepping on the plants. Beautifying the garden is a great thing that adds appeal to your garden, but sometimes we may not have the money needed to make elaborate garden decorations, in cases like this, rocks and stones are good options. Rocks and stones are natural and can be found everywhere, so you don’t need to spend the effort to get them.

They have the ability to make your garden stand out beautifully, yet with little or no maintenance, all you need to do is collect your desired type of stone or rock and arrange them as you will beautify your garden. Apart from making your garden appealing, they also create walkways for you to walk on, and this prevents you from stepping on your plants.

Backyard stones come in different varieties. Each type is suited for various purposes, so it is essential that when choosing a stone, you carefully select the right kind of rock or stone that will enhance the setting of your garden. So how do you recognize the different types of rocks and stones? Sizing is the most important factor to consider when choosing your stone, followed by texture.

Below are some of the most common choices for rocks and stones.

  • Grave Pebbles
  • Personalized stones
  • Paddle stones; they are commonly used for flatter surfaces. This enhances the navigation of garden carts.


Best DIY stones you designed yourself. They are custom made and DIY projects. Below are some DIY garden stone project ideas:

  • LEAF IMPRINT STEPPING STONES: DIY Stones are made out of cement. You use a leaf from any garden plant of your choice to imprint the stone. The finished products when dried are usually beautiful, and it is easy to make too.
  • WOOD BOARD STEPPING STONES: Don’t get it all wrong, the boards are not made of stones; however, they make for a beautiful walkway. All you need to do is to take your board and layout your walkway leaving stones in-between. Fill up the spaces with pebbles or pea gravel and voila! You have your beautiful walkway.
  • BROKEN DISHES STEPPING STONE: So your kids are into the habit of breaking your ceramic and other glass types dishes, or you have some china you can’t use again because its chipped, well there is an excellent way to make use of them without throwing them away; you just have to turn it into amazing stones for your garden. Add the pieces of the broken china to your concrete stone while wet, you can arrange it in any way you want and wait for it to dry.

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