Flower Pots 13

Planting flowers and herbs is a fun thing to do, and it has been a traditional spring activity. Pots are significant when it comes to container gardening, for any plant or flower you want to grow, you need a proper container for your plant to grow well. You can actually plant your flowers in clay pots or garden boxes, and they will grow well. However, have you tried planting your herbs and flowers in discarded boots, bags, and shoes? Sounds weird, right?

It is no longer news that women enjoy buying bags, shoes, and boots. Today, men also buy boots, sneakers, and shoes; also, every household has many pairs. What do you do when you find out that your expensive shoe is no longer your size or your beautiful bag has been damaged beyond repair yet, you don’t want to throw them away? One of the best solutions which are environmental friendly is to recycle those shoes and bags for decorating your homes with plants. It is a very easy, DIY project that even a novice can accomplish.

Making a boot or bag planter is a fun and effortless way to keep your shoes and also put them into productive use. It doesn’t take time to make one; all you need is a pair of the boot (or shoe, bag, etc.), a drill and drill bits, soil, and some flowers.


The steps discussed here explain how to make your flower pots using boots. However, if you want to make use of bags or sneakers, etc., just replace the boot with the material of your choice and follow the remaining steps.

    • Get some old discarded boots: check your closet or garage for some old boots. If you don’t have one, you can get it at your local thrift store. After choosing your boots, remove the insoles.
    • Drill drainage holes: it is essential that you drill drainage holes into the bottom of your boots. The drainage holes allow water to pass out from the boot; this is because if water stands in the shoes, the roots can become moldy and eventually rot on your pants.

To make the drainage holes, use a large bit, hold it against the soles of your boots and drill holes into it. In case you don’t have a drill, you can make use of a hammer and a large nail that is long enough to penetrate the sole of the boot.

  • Add potting soil: fill up your boots about halfway to the top with potting soil. To ensure the soil doesn’t leak out through the drilled holes, put small stones or gravels beneath before adding the soil.
  • Plant your flowers: make a hole in your soil; it should be a little larger than the size of your plant’s root ball. Carefully remove your flower from the plastic container and place it in the hole covering it up with more soil.
  • Water your plant frequently to avoid drying up
  • Show off your beautiful flower in its beautiful boot pot.

After making one pair of boot planter, you will want to do more because of the aesthetics it will add to your garden and room. If you feel your boot or bag color is boring, you can always decorate it will paint, and this is something your kids would want to do.

Flower Pots 13

Flower Pots 13