Fairy Garden Made Simple – Even Your Kids Can Do It

Something magical is happening in the world; it is a trend that started in America and has spread its tentacles to the UK and the world as a whole. If you probably go visit a garden center today, I believe you will find a section that is devoted to a fairy garden. Of course, it’s so easy to dismiss it as some childish fantasies, but I’m sure your face will betray you when you see one because it will break into a huge smile. The truth about the garden is that they are so enchanting and quite engaging. If it has such a powerful effect on an adult, just imagine how bewitching they are for kids.

So what are they?

They are miniature gardens that ooze magic, tiny houses, lawns, chairs, and ponds-a whole magical world that can be created in any space available, either inside or out. It could be under a tree, a corner of a flower bed; they are so tiny they can fit into anything.

Who are they for?

Of course, it is so obvious that children love them; they are taken away by the fineness of its details and its enchanting nature, but that doesn’t exclude adults from this magic world. They are so many adults who enjoy arranging and re-arranging, building, and making things and probably use the excuse of spending time with their kids in the garden to once again feel like a kid themselves. However, the truth remains that fairy gardens are made for children of all ages. Our imagination remains the only limit to how far we can go with this garden, as long as we can imagine, we can create so many worlds out of this miniature garden.

Getting started

The great thing about this garden is that you can start small and build it all the way up to a magic empire at your own pace. There is a whole world out there to explore; there are various themes and stories to tell. One great way to build this garden is to build it around a popular fairy tale of your choice; it could be Alice in Wonderland, Peter pan whichever fairy tale story you choose. It is a great way to teach your kids to read if your kid is one that loves to bail on reading creating this kind of garden with a famous fairy tale theme will motivate them to read the book because they want to get more ideas for the garden.

The garden doesn’t really have to be a ‘garden’; you can spice it up with your imagination like building tiny mountains and deserts, undersea worlds, etc. If your kid does not like the idea of a fairy, you can always try gnomes or elves or even a chocolate factory; whatsoever you can think of there is absolutely no limitation. These gardens are not bound in any way like the traditional garden, imaginations are always welcome, and I’m sure you know your kids will supply you with tons of it.

Where to get accessories…

You can get all the accessories, wishing wells, cottages, tiny furniture, tiny houses, etc. at your local garden centers or online. However, you can build them yourself with wire, modeling clay, match sticks, etc. you can do this project in one afternoon, don’t take so much time to do.

Which plant to use?

  • Miniature daisy
  • Miniature ivy
  • Oxalis
  • Stone crop etc.

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