Garden Accessories 2

How your garden looks, the kind of decorations in your garden speaks a lot, and the things that help you give life to your garden are the accessories. Just like we all know there are a lot of garden accessories to use for the beautification of the garden. Such as a water fountain, garden lights such as candle, lantern and oil lamps. And even a wheelbarrow can be a beautiful, very creative accessory to bring into your garden.


mostly known for just clearing out dirt can be used as a flowerpot, you put sand in the wheelbarrow. Some plant your flowers in it, you can place it in the center of your garden.

Colorful mushrooms: can also be a beautiful accessory. Especially if you have kids, it can also be attractive at the center of the garden. The wheelbarrow is going to be an excellent spot for kids to play with their friends.


A garden is not complete without furniture, furniture such as bench, swinging chairs or armchairs, can be used for relaxation purposes, or occasionally hang out with family and friends.


Something like an incandescent light bulb might be perfect. Incandescent light bulbs with different colors wrapped around the tree. The other things can serve as lighting for your garden. Candles, the lantern on the tables in the garden can give light and perfection to the garden at night.  The way you arrange the light in the garden is also essential. You might want to start with the view from the top of the tree. Lights like incandescent lights on the top of the tree. The lanterns arranged in the corners of the garden. Will give it a vibrant look, especially at night.


There are a lot of beautiful and creative ideas on how to plant your bulbs, not just to plant in the ground. Flowers can be planted in pots as well as in wheelbarrows as explained earlier, randomly planting flowers does not guaranty the beautification of the garden. How you arrange plays a vital role. You can start by having an outdoor plant stands on the wall in your garden somewhere to the right or left; a three-layer plant stand will be perfect with your flower pots arranged on every layer. You might want to try color mixing as well, and at the bottom of the plant stand to the ground. You have a wooden self-made plant stand. Just of a medium height then arrange your flowers on top of it as you wish, make sure it is eye-catching and attractive.

Garden Accessories 2

Garden Accessories 2