Creating The Perfect Rock Garden by Yourself

Everyone wants a beautiful and exotic garden, but sometimes it gets confusing trying to figure out the right corners to place your accessories and what to incorporate into your garden to make it a beautiful and pleasant sight.
With our ideas, decorating your garden has been made easy; you do not need to break a finger trying to decorate your garden by yourself.
Designing and decorating things by yourself come with a fantastic feeling, do not miss out on this thinking you need the help of a professional to get everything done, you definitely can do more than you think by yourself.

There’s more to a garden than those alluring green bushes with the gliding scent of beautiful flowers.
Rocks; one of the things we take for granted can become the most exciting part of the garden, the stunning and earthly colors of the stones give your garden a natural, mother-nature like the view.

Thanks to mother-nature, the rocks are not very expensive. Luckily you might know where to find free rocks; you may not have to pay anything at all.

Perfect Rock Garden by Yourself

Usually, rocks exist in all sizes and shapes; they also come in different colors, which is one of its strengths. A rock garden can be as large as you want it, you can definitely use rocks any size, using large rocks can give your space a raw and natural charm. The rough look is right for incorporating texture to your garden.

Depending on how you place your plants, the rocks will glow as the main attraction. The rocks can be used to fill up large empty spaces that have no use; you can incorporate some plants and some large stones together, the difference will make a lovely rock garden with little effort.

Before you start building your rock garden you have to decide on the way to clear up the grass, you do not want the grass to grow in between the rocks, you can clear up the lawn or better still lay down a layer of newspapers and throw some dirt on top of them to hold them down. After a while, the thickness of papers will smother the grass, which will eventually start to decompose. After this step, you can begin to decorate and layer the rocks.

You need the following materials listed below to bring your rock garden to life.

 Tape rule
 Shovel
 Stones
 Wheelbarrow
 Rocks
 trowel
Rock gardens are usually built a little higher from the surrounding ground. This makes it the centerpiece of the garden among other bright, stunning, and colorful flowers to cover up the bare spot in the yard. Rock garden brings a certain charm to the garden that is similar yet different from a flower garden. For a minimalist and natural appeal, random placements of rocks work paired correctly with asymmetrical stones will do. But if you want a simple and elegant texture, smooth stones that come in the same sizes are just perfect.

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