Creating A Magical Garden Path Way

A house is never a house unless if it feels like a home. A home for many can mean family, which is, of course, one of the most beautiful things to have in this world. I, however, view a home as a place that feeds the soul aesthetically, which brings a feeling of belonging and serenity.

A properly planned out and lovingly created garden path makes a garden come alive. Beneath the draping curtains of the majestic bedroom is a fading garden path that leads to the horizon of the earth. As the morning alarm cries for us to wake up and pay attention to the new day, the sun rays strike the stone garden path, which reflects a beautiful contrast of morning into the bedroom. The way, strategically railed with lines of green turf giving it a fresh feel at any time of day, is a tranquil place to stand on and stare into the distance where the mountains are steadily perched. Whoever wondered that a garden path could contribute so much to daily life?

With your love for precision and nature itself, you can line the garden path with beautiful white lilies that juxtapose the green turf making the path an artifact itself. This simplicity railing the garden path is pure perfection proving that less is more. Occasionally, butterflies like to dance along the way attracted by the scent of the white lilies. Birds perch on the short shrubs that are scantily decorating both sides of the path. The path alone has become a community of the species. Everyone loves natural decoration for their home.

Walks on the path are best taken barefooted. It is a perfect way to get in touch with nature. The music, along with the tranquillity surrounding the garden path makes it an ideal place to meditate. A bench or two would be a perfect addition for one to sit and pour out any entrapped emotions while praising nature at its finest.

At the center of the path is a beautiful fountain creating a roundabout to the road before one starts to explore the garden itself. It provides some form of relief from the snaking pattern of the path.

Lastly, to the sides of the path is a green turf that has its sprinklers set to come off in sync with sunset. After a long day of work, the path is again the perfect place to sit and admire the evening with the sprinklers whispering in the background — an ideal way to end the day.

You definitely would be using this area more often and more effectively. When choosing garden paths, there are some things to keep in mind. Consider what features of your garden you’d like to connect and highlight. Decide on the style you want for your garden path, or see if the existing plant life and structures suggest a particular method.

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