Amazing DIY Garden Design Ideas

Do you want to design a garden, big or small? This article aims to make it easy for you to create your backyard. We will help you when considering the size and shape of your flower garden.

Before we go further I would like to make it clear that there is nothing like a perfect garden, everyone has got different tastes when it comes to shoes, bags, clothes, cars, that is also the way it is even when it comes to gardens we all have things we find attractive and the ones we find not attractive. How do I design my garden?

    Think of what you want:

The first step when it comes to designing a garden is having an idea of what you want, it is difficult to achieve a goal if you do not know what the goal is.

    Choose an excellent spot or location for your garden:

If you do not already have a place in mind for your garden take a walk around your property, look out through the window, you can even try going across the street and watch from afar where will be the best spot for your garden. After that.

    Plan your planting:

After thinking of what you want, choosing a location, the next thing is to plan what you want to plant and how you are planting them, when thinking about this you also need to think about plants that can grow on the land. When selecting plants for a small garden try not to go color crazy, your backyard might become overcrowded and not attractive. If you have a bigger space, then feel free to go all out when it comes to colors.

After all of these, we can move to the next stage, which is now planting and dividing the garden into sections, the parts where you want to have the flowers, and also the relaxation part of the garden where you have the furniture depending on what you want.

Different accessories will help beautify your garden, and we have the planter box, this is another option instead of flower pots, you can also make this planter box yourself.

Secondly trimming and shaping your plants: before forming you have to decide first, what is my shape what do I want to do?

There are so many shapes you can trim your plant into box balls, and different ways of your choice. To bring life into your garden.

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