6 Best Garden Plant Ideas

How and what do I plant in my garden?? The fact is that some flowers are more comfortable to grow than others, I am sure most of us know that already, So, continue reading as I share with you some incredible and adorable flowers to plant in your garden.

    Lantana:

he is a genus of about 150 species, they are native to tropical regions of Africa and America, the growing and care of lantana are very much natural, though it as to do with the area and type grown, another advantage is that they are high butterfly magnets.


That is also commonly known as floss flower. It is an excellent idea for a beautiful summer garden and has different colors such as blue, white, violet and pink.it is a low maintenance flower that blooms and remains beautiful all summer even with a little care, if you are looking for a beautiful garden flower that does not require too much attention this is your best option.

    Cosmos:

A flower of more than 20 species, cosmos is flowering annual plants that are very easy to grow, they require less attention for those of us that have other important things to do than sitting around and caring for a garden every day, they stay bloom for months. Also, this is not only for summer if you live in a place with a warmer winter you don’t have to worry about your cosmos flower it will be perfectly fine.

    Dehlia:

Dahlias are beautiful in a flower pot plus the more you put, the more the bloom, this colorful flower blooms from midsummer through the first frost, there are 42 species of this beautiful plant. These plants are sun lovers, and there is nothing complicated in growing these plants, another advantage is that it attracts butterflies.

    Geranium:

This is a plant that does not only beautify your garden but also has health benefits, a flower of 422 species, which produces oil used by the Egyptians to promote radiant and flawless skin, make sure it has access to the full sun so it can grow properly. The best way to plant is early, and indoors so it can be ready to bloom in spring, it is not a delicate flower to grow as it takes 7 to 14 days to germinate from seed. This is one flower you will be happy to have in your garden.

    New Guinea Impatiens:

New Guinea Impatiens are the best for a long blooming flower in every garden, it is not so easy to maintain as it requires care, these attractive plants have become the favorite for an outdoor container garden, they make a beautiful an excellent addition in any garden if cared for properly.

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