21 Fantastic Vintage Garden Decoration Ideas

Vintage garden decorations are becoming quite trendy these days, adding some beautiful antique and vintage pieces to your garden will actually give your home a facelift and give it a look that is peculiar to your only house in the entire block. A vintage garden or shabby chic, as it is also called, is not expected to be perfect or so organized; it should instead be a rendezvous where people can socialize and relax and should reflect creativity. It is all about preserving the old and beautiful.

So if you have a garden at home and you feel it isn’t complete yet, then you may consider decorating it with vintage and antique pieces.

Here are some fantastic vintage garden ideas for your garden:


You can accessorize your garden with some beautiful wooden cart. You can always build one for yourself if you are creative enough, and you have so e knowledge of carpentry and woodwork. However, if this option doesn’t work for you, then you can visit one of the junkyards or salvage shops to get an old wheelbarrow or garden carts that you can recycle. You can either paint the wheelbarrow with a dark color or simply leave it as it is; it all depends on the kind of look you want to achieve.


Using an old recycled bike to decorate your garden will surely give it a vintage look. You can make use of your old bike; if you don’t have one, you can get one at the junkyard, or any recycle center and better still you could offer to buy your neighbor’s old and worn out bike. Paint the bike in a color you want, maybe go all black, and then decorate it with flowering plants to add more life into your garden.


Decorate your garden with a retro-style hammock; it sounds interesting, right? With this hammock, your gardens will not only have the vintage feel; you will also have opportunities to relax after a hard day’s work.


Just in case you love fairies, angels, and the likes of them, you may consider decorating your garden with an antique-looking angel sculpture. Of course, it might be one of the most expensive vintage garden pieces to acquire. However, investing in this sculpture is not a loss as it will give your garden the vintage flair. Also, you can be guaranteed that it will last long since it is made from long-lasting materials, therefore, making your investment worthwhile.


If you need a lighting accessory to light up your garden, then a vintage garden lamp is a great choice, you could use the one made of steel. It will make your garden stand out, especially at night. So if you are a host or hostess that enjoys entertaining visitors in your garden, this lamp is perfect for you.


If you have a tree in your garden, then you may hang this vintage piece on it and even put birds in it. A good suggestion is the love birds; you can put a pair in the cage.

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