Garden Bed Ideas 7

A raised Garden Bed is a large elevated box with no bottom that is raised above the ground and filled up with soil and desired plants. The beds are usually about 3-4ft wide with a depth of your choice depending on what you want to grow. For example, deeply rooted plants like tomatoes need more soil than shallow-rooted plants like lettuce.

Garden beds are usually enclosed with a frame that can be made of concrete blocks, rock, or wood and may be enriched with compost. Usually, there’s room around the outside of the bed so one can walk around it and not inside it, this allows the soil to stay loose instead of compacted. Raised garden beds, also known as garden boxes, are ideal for growing small plots of vegetables, and flowers, they are fairly easy to build and are even easier to maintain.

So why should you create a raised garden bed? Below are a few reasons why you need to build a garden bed.

  • Garden chores are less stressful and more comfortable to perform, all thanks to the reduction in bending and kneeling while tending to the farm, which is typical with the traditional garden farm.
  • The raised bed looks more beautiful, and they make pathways a little bit easier to maintain because there is a definitive line between the path and the bed.
  • Fewer weeds can be seen in the garden beds simply because the bed is raised above the surrounding grass.
  • It helps maintain loose instead of compacted soil because there’s room outside of the bed to walk around instead of walking in the bed.
  • Raised beds help for better drainage. In marshy areas or areas that are prone to flooding, the raised bed comes as a savior. Moreover, they tend to drain better even in heavy rains.
  • They are great for beginners since they remove many barriers for beginners.

After knowing the benefits of the garden bed, I believe you will be itching to have one of your choices. You can either purchase the one you like or simply Do It Yourself (DIY). It may look difficult upfront, but it’s absolutely easy and even more comfortable to maintain.


Before proceeding, it is essential to note that soil building is the most important aspect of a great raised bed.

The following are garden bed ideas:

  • Simple raised bed with 4×4 posts: you can make a simple garden bed using 4×4 posts. Cedar and redwood are excellent choices because they are naturally rat resistant.
  • Garden bed with hoop house attachment
  • Waist height garden bed etc.


  • Place wooden stakes at every corner. Place them inside the bed so that the stakes are less visible.
  • Drive the stakes 2ft into the ground
  • Ensure the stakes are on the same level to avoid uneven garden bed
  • Set the lowest boards a few inches below ground level, making sure they are on the same level.
  • Use galvanized nails or screw to fix the board to the stakes
  • Add any additional row of boards, fixing them to the stakes too.

Garden Bed Ideas 7

Garden Bed Ideas 7