Garden Pallet Decor 5

Wooden pallets are not something new; we’ve seen them lots of time leaned up beside garbage cans waiting to be disposed of. Up until now, they are seen as something useful or of much value to humans or even the ecosystem until someone thought up the idea of bringing these pallets into the farming scene by placing it in the garden and planting vegetables, flowers, herbs, etc. between the bars.

Pallet gardening is an easy, very cheap way to create a vertical planting space where there is no space. So what are the advantages of a pallet garden?


  • They are cheap – Wooden pallets are inexpensive and easy to find around. The fun fact is you can get one for free.
  • They are durable – Wooden pallets are strong; they are initially designed to carry heavy cement bags and bricks. Therefore, there is no need to worry about their durability.
  • Pallet gardens reduce the need for weeding and maintenance.
  • It may require less soil to fill than garden beds.
  • Green vegetables are more suited for this kind of gardening.
  • It saves lots of space.
  • There is usually no need to adjust the soil.
  • It could be fun projects for your kids.

All you need to build your pallet garden are lots of wood pallets (just as the name implies) and obviously soil and healthy seeds. This is an inexpensive and easy solution to your gardening needs, and it is amateur friendly. You don’t have to be a professional farmer to own one.


It is essential to understand the importance of choosing an appropriate wooden pallet; this is because not all pallets are suitable for gardening. Using new pallets are the best option because clean and fresh pallets are safer and healthier for your plants and even humans that will eat it. However, these pallets while they are affordable, they are more expensive than used ones. In any case, if your option is an already used pallet, there are things to bear in mind:

Check The Below:

  1. Use pallets with HT stamps on them; this implies that they have been heat-treated or kiln-dried and not chemically treated. The chemically treated ones should not be used since the pallets are used to grow edibles.
  2. These pallets have to be thoroughly clean to make them bacteria-free. Scrub the wood down with bleach and soapy water and ensure it is completely dried before planting anything on it.
  3. Look out for rusty nails and staples that may be in it.

The beautiful thing about building a pallet garden is that there are different approaches to it. You can use as many pallets as you wish and arrange them the way you feel. No strict or formal rules to keep while building your garden; just do as you deem fit.

Generally, there are two ways to build a pallet garden; horizontally and vertically. With the horizontal style, you put the sides of the pallet on the ground and grow the plant in spaces in between the bars. While with the vertical form, you grow your plant inside the whole pallet and use it as a container. In case you prefer the horizontal method, ensure you mulch the areas after planting your vegetables, it’s highly beneficial for your garden.

Garden Pallet Decor 5

Garden Pallet Decor 5